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Bravo for sport

& Joli Coeur

Bravo for sport & Joli Coeur together to prise all sportsmen!

Long last friendship

The other angels

Not only dogs are abandoned, unfortunately many elderly people suffer from loneliness. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if these two lonely souls could create a lasting friendship?
If every retired person could adopt or receive as a gift a stray dog or cat, the world will be a better place».
Let’s make it happen!

Music for

Sportel & DanceSport

Since the beginning, interested in the world of dance-sport, we have tailored many music for international competitions and for the professional dancers’ performances, including some of the world champions

The event

Mariage Princier

On the occasion of the celebration of S.A.S. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco’s wedding, we released the album FOR YOU I WISH, which includes love songs dedicated to this exceptional event and whose first copy was honored to the Monegasque royals.


Le stelle non dormono mai

During the pandemic, in collaboration with the artist Alex Gasp, we released the song LE STELLE NON DORMONO MAI (Stars never sleep) whose proceeds were donated to the Protezione Civile in Italy, a country particularly affected by Covid-19.

Bravo discography


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