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Kelly-Joyce, daughter of art, was born in Paris.
Her father King Joe Bale is a composer and singer, her mother, Countess Emmanuelle Vidal De Fonseca was the founder of the Chocolates, a famous band in the 70s.

Kelly began her musical career in 2001 with the hit “Vivre la Vie” produced by Universal Music and contained in the album that follows “Kelly Joyce”, released worldwide and selling 800,000 copies.

She performs in prestigious international venues such as the Vatican and some of the most popular Pop/Jazz international festivals and events.
She collaborated with several artists in various languages, from Big Fish to the Azerbaijani singer Tunzale Agayeva with whiom she performed the song “Bakımın Üzü Gülür” (Baku Smiles), the opening song for the European Olympic Games held in Baku in 2016.

In 2021 she released the single “Male Male”, in collaboration with renowned trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso.

In 2023, during an event in the magic of the Principality of Monaco, she met the artist Alex Gasp : a wonderful collaboration has started since. With the participation of trumpet player of Fabrizio Bosso, they recorded the song BRUNE, available in all the digital stores worldwide since January 2024.