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A young rocker and songwriter born in 1999. He started loving music from a very young age.
“Since my childhood I have always had a passion for music, particularly I was focused on rock for its pure and real sounds. I was 10 and even then my dream was to form a band.

I started playing guitar but felt like I had to do more than just “play”. I found myself singing because actually nobody in the band wanted to do it… but it was there that I realized what I really wanted to do.
From that moment on, I tried to find every opportunity to perform, even in small events at school, and I started taking singing lessons.
After high school, I decided to take a year to travel, in order to discover myself, Across the United States and Africa. This unforgettable experience became the inspiration for the first songs I wrote, simple but direct lyrics, accompanied by rock and pop-rock melodies.
Once back home, I began to devote myself seriously to the study of singing and the law, another of my passions, by enrolling at the University that I still attend.

2020, marks a crucial moment in my artistic career and in my life as well. I signed a recording contract with the Monegasque record label Bravo Montecarlo who believed in me and made my dream come true, entering the music industry with my first 3 singles : “Lasciami sognare“, “Dimmi uomo dimmi” and “E’ così“.

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