Songwriter - Arranger - Producer



During  40 year of career in the music industry, he has realised numerous productions with some of the most popular italian artists (Gianna Nannini, Fabio Concato, Roberto Vecchioni, Patty Pravo, Loredana Berté, Anna Oxa, Edoardo Bennato, Riccardo Fogli, Mina, Mango, Fiordaliso...).


He has been awarded with several Golden Records for some of these productions.




Formed at the Scuola di Musica di Milano as guitar player, he graduate in harmony and composition with M. Daccò.


As Musician...

1964: Drummer of the band  Killer

1966: Drummer of the Blues band of Mac Porter

1967: Drummer of the band Ragazzi dai Capelli Verdi

1967: Drummer of the American soul band Four Kent's (Europe Tour)

1969: Exclusive band for the Piper Club (Rome)

1970: Quit the band Four Kent's (today known as London Beat) and join the band Formula Tre (Lucio Battisti band)

1971: Drummer of the band Nuovi Angeli (“Donna felicità”, “Singapore”, are  world wide famous hits) - World Tour

1977: Quit Nuovi Angeli in order to follow his personal career of Composer, Arranger and Producer :



As Producer, Composer, Arranger

Legenda : A = Arranger  -  P = Producer   -  C = Composer