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He collaborated and released music for BMG, Sony, RCA, Warner Bross, Peer Souther Edition, Banana records, until finally met with his actual music label in the Principality of Monaco : Bravo Montecarlo


Among his most popular songs

“Ti amerò per sempre” included in the album “For You I wish” released and dedicated to the Princes of Monaco for their wedding (July 2011)

• "Je suis l'amour" with F. Migliacci (author of song "Nel blu dipinto di blu - Volare")  -  Artist : Scialpi

• "La ragazza di Roma" with Gaio Chiocchio  -  Artist : Paola Turci

• "L'amore non si può fermare mai" with Paolo Audino (author for Mina, Minghi, Bocellil)  -  Artist : Paky (from "Amici di Maria De Filippi")

• Music for the new age album "Neapolis"  -  Pruduced by Herman Rarebel (drummer of the band "Scorpions")

• Soundtrack of the movie "Vediamoci chiaro" produced by "Cecchi Gori Group"  -  Artist : Francesco Barbato

• Part of the soundtrack of the movie “A Come Amore” produced by Rai 2  -  Artist : Mary Monet and Jaseef.




Ornella Vanoni,  Capuano brothers (arrangers of  Amy Stewart), Middle of the road, Tullio De Piscopo,  Bisquit


TV Programs attendances

• "Domenica in" - RAI 1

• Festival "St. Vincent estate", broadcasted by RAI 2

• "Fascination" hosted by Maurizio Costanzo - Canale 5

• Musical Show  "the Christmas tale" at  National Theatre of Moscow (Russia), hosted by the Russian Tv Stars Anya Kaverina and Semien Frolov and broadcasted by the russian channel Shanson TV

• "Shanson of the Year 2014 - Awards" at  Kremlin of Moscow (Russia), broadcasted by the russian channel Shanson TV



•  "2000 World Cup's" race for the Prada vessel LUNA ROSSA - New Zeland

• The Living Room Club –  Monaco Principality

• Heritage club - Hong Konk

• Grand Hotel Hammamet - Tunisia

• Just Cavalli - Milan


Latest Production

• Album “Stella sei” produced by  Bravo Montecarlo

• Single “Bella ciao” produced by  Bravo Montecarlo and arranged by Mauro Paoluzzi.

It has been performed for the first time, with italian and russian lyric, at the musical show "Shanson Goda 2014" (Shanson of the year 2014) held at the legendary concert hall of the Kremlin in Moscow (Russia) when Francesco received the award "Shanson Goda" as Italian artist.

The show has been Broadcasted in Russia by Shanson TV and NTV, the national channel.

• Album “Ti amerò per sempre” produced by  Bravo Montecarlo



BELLA CIAO     (Single)


This song, from the Italian traditional, in the bilinguan (Russian and Italian) version brought to success by Russian famous artist Muslim Magomaeved, has been completely re-arranged by Mauro Paoluzzi.

It has been performed by Francesco Barbato for the first time at the  musical show "Shanson Goda 2014" (Shanson of the year 2014)  at the legendary concert hall of the Kremlin in Moscow (Russia).


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Francesco celebrates his 25 years of career in the music industry with this homage to the enduring Italian melody. 7 original songs written and performed by Francesco Barbato in collaboration with other refined Italian authors (Audino, De Luca, De Palma, Morrone) and 3 of the most popular Neapolitan songs, rearranged with the artistic touch of Mauro Paoluzzi.

This album with a balanced mix of Italian melodies and modern arrangements will drew you into a "modern classic" atmosphere. It includes the song "Ti amerò per sempre", written and dedicated to the wedding of HSH Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco.


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Francesco Barbato new album includes some of the most beautiful italian songs well-known all over the world and 4 original songs written and composed by Francesco


An other homage to the enduring Italian melody.



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This Albumisdedicated to the wonderful Canzone Napoletana.

It includes some of the most famous Neapolitan songs together with new original songs written and performed by Francesco. All music arranged and produced by Mauro Paoluzzi.


"...I dedicate the song "Napule cumm'era Napule comm'é" to Renzo Arbore, a great artist and a symbol of the real Neapolitan music in the world.

Thank you Renzo!" (Francesco Barbato).


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All original tunes for the summer breeze...



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