Bravo Montecarlo and

Monaco Dance Sport Association


Our stand, next to the International Olympic Committee, couldn’t be missed by any attendee creating huge interest with tremendous visuals fascinating the delegates...


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All music is in STRICT TEMPO for your professional routines




Bravo Montecarlo  in partnership with the  Monaco Dance Sport Association



The Monaco Dance Sport Association (MDA) had an enormous success at this year’s Sportel, the number 1 Sports market in the world.


Our stand, next to the International Olympic Committee, couldn’t be missed by any attendee creating huge interest with tremendous visuals fascinating the delegates. We would like to thank our partner Bravo Monte Carlo Productions for making this possible.


Sportel extended wonderful hospitality and facilities to us. As the first Monegasque organization to exhibit we were proud to use those facilities to the max!


Two exhibitions of Dance Sport were presented pulling bigger crowds than any other displays.


The athlete’s: Marco Cavallaro and Joanne Clifton (Standard discipline) Gabriele  Goffredo and Francesca Tocca (Latin American discipline) thrilled the onlookers with their athleticism, skill and appeal. Many enquiries have been received to repeat these exhibitions at a wide variety of functions from Awards events to TV games shows.



Following the second exhibition time was set aside for Questions and Answers. The MDA team: Cherry Kingston (President, MDA) and Peter Maxwell (Dance Sport Director, MDA) spent many hours in discussion providing information to a host of interested companies. It also allowed us the chance to announce the opening of our brand new training facility and The Monaco Dance Club, to be operated with the assistance of the world’s leading social dance corporation Arthur Murray International (AMI)

International Dance Shoes (IDS) provided great samples of Dance Sport “kit “which were greatly admired and gave a hint of the huge potential in clothing, accessories and footwear for the sport.


MDA’S presence at Sportel has opened a whole new chapter for this emerging sport which is one of the few mature sports remaining largely undeveloped. Our new concept of flexible format and content has created a buzz beyond anyone’s expectations and leads the way in media friendly applications for this great sport.

Through our Sports colleagues we connected with entertainment executives keen to discuss the other side of Dance Sport, building on the current world wide success and interest in dancing witnessed by the hit TV shows in USA, UK and more than forty other territories worldwide.


On the photo, from left to right :

Cherry Kingston (President MDA), Michel Piepoli (President Bravo Montecarlo), Peter Maxwell (DanceSport Director MDA), Gary Edwards (International DS Coordinator, with the dancers)



By exhibiting at Sportel we’ve been able to present a huge range of options to our sports colleagues and they’ve given us possibilities and choices we didn’t know existed! proving the value of investment in a market such as Sportel.


Whatever your interest or field, Dance Sport enters a new era of acceptance and understanding in the sports community and may be a perfect fit for you planning, marketing, development or use in emerging or established technologies.